Lucine Smith

Lucine Smith is business development manager for the Yuma Southwest Contractors Association.

Her duties include public relations and “shedding light on our mission to be a voice for the local construction industry, provide the highest quality service to our members and to promote our association to the local community.”

She has been in the position for a little more than a year.

“I have been able to really get to know the amazing individuals that make Yuma, such a loving and amazing community,” she said. “I am a socialite and love to be involved in making this community flourish. In my position I have been able to launch a link to help out our community during these trying times due to COVID-19.

“We have received many applicants which we are able to review each month during a committee meeting. This really helps us to do our part during the pandemic. I have always enjoyed going above and beyond to make our community thrive.”

Smith has her professional and personal lives planned out in yearly increments.

“In the next year, I plan on purchasing land and building a house of my own for me, my husband and three children. I also plan to add a few extras in order to get my grandparents moved in with me. They currently live in northern California and are getting older and I feel like I can give them what they need in order to enjoy the rest of their life.

“In five years, I plan on doing all I can to give back to our community. I plan on investing in non profit organizations that are in need. I want to put my energy into the new business I have started and after setting up my family I plan to donate what I can to these organizations. I do not plan on supporting more then four organizations, because when I support an organization, I do not just support it financially but physically as well.

“My 10-year plan is to be on multiple boards and make a difference in these organizations so that we can really achieve goals that will be set forth on these boards.”

What is your most memorable professional moment?

My most memorable moment was December 6, 2020, when YSWCA had its 18th Annual Golf Tournament at Desert Hills Golf Course. We were able to get the U.S. Army Freefall Team to jump out of a plane and land in the middle of our the course for opening ceremony. After the ceremony, Mayor Douglas Nichols and I were asked to interview with KYMA’s Gabriel Salazar and discuss who we are as an organization and what we do for our community.

What is your favorite quote?

Be thankful for the struggles you go through. They make you stronger and wiser. Don’t let them break you. Let them make you.

What advice do you have for other young professionals?

“Walk away from people who put you down. Walk away from fights that will never be resolved. Walk away from trying to please people who will never see your worth. The more you walk away from things that poison you soul, the healthier you will be.” I always reflect on this quote (from Shaista Saba) because in order to have success you will have to overcome obstacles. Never give up and always push on. You cannot allow negative outside influences that lead you to astray from your lifelong goals. Always hold your head up and don’t beat yourself up. Having a mentor to look up to has always helped me. They can always help you reflect and hold you accountable in reaching and pursuing your life’s goals. Don’t ever give up on yourself; you can do it.

If you could describe yourself as an animal, what animal would you be?

The sparrow is a spirit animal and has so many symbolic meanings. The first one that is appealing to me is that it is protective of community. Sparrows usually appear in a big numbers in order to feel safe and protected. This is why I love to socialize with those individuals in the community.

Sparrows display many qualities such as self worth, hard work, team work, productivity and creativity. Self worth: understanding that I will not always be someone’s cup of tea so when I see that keeping my distance from those individuals and loving myself. Hard working: I always do what I can and give 100% in everything I do and do not commit to anything that I cannot give my all. Teamwork: I love to rally to solve problems and help out wherever I can and know sometimes I cannot do it alone. Productivity: I do not sit still well (but instead) love to go above and beyond in anything I do whether it be for work or life. Also, small things make us happy, things that money cannot buy. I pride myself in this when it comes to my interactions with the individuals I choose to have in my life.

Sparrow has always reminded me to be graceful in every decision, to not be hasty and to always think before speaking. Pay attention to what someone is saying to you and showing you, and no matter what always be kind.

If you could hang out with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Keanu Reeves. The reason why I would want to hang out with him is that he has lived a life full of pain and tragedy, yet he lives a down-to-earth lifestyle. At the age of 3, his father left him, he grew up in Ontario and because he had dyslexia, he was forced to drop out of high school. He had to overcome the loss of his best friend at the age of 23. At 35 he and his wife Jennifer were getting ready to welcome a newborn into this world. The baby was stillborn and a few months later his wife died in a car accident.

Shortly after, after his sister was sick with leukemia and he never left her side. Through it all Keanu remained kindhearted and giving. He has created a secret foundation, as well as secretly donates millions to children’s hospitals. When he makes movies, he has been quoted saying money is the last thing he thinks about. Through all his loss and tragedy, he continues to remain kind. I aspire to be like him, overcoming tragedy and pressing on with the kindness that is in my heart.


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