When Baja Viches was crowned the Taco King at the Tunes & Tacos competition earlier this year, fans begged the food vendor to find a permanent spot so they can enjoy its carne asada and fish tacos more often.

After noticing that Baja Viches also won the categories of Best Beef, Best Seafood and Best Pork, I don’t blame them!

Fans have gotten their wish. There is now a spot where they can find the award-winning tacos. Baja Viches is located at 863 Avenue B. The food truck held its grand opening on June 15.

“We want to thank everyone that came to show us love! We moved to Yuma last year with one goal in mind and that’s to Bring the Best of Baja to Yuma,” Baja Viches posted online.

The food truck is open Friday and Saturday from 6-10 p.m. and Thursday and Sunday from 6-9 p.m. However, Baja Viches is closed this week. They’ve gone fishing!


The Tacna Shell Travel Center has now opened its doors and the Subway sandwich shop will soon open as well, according to Chris Erdmier of Cochise Contractors.

The newly constructed combination gas station and convenience store is located off of Interstate 8 at 9250 S. Avenue 40E, on the southwest corner adjacent to Peterson Drive.

The 7,662-square-foot store has an auto fuel and truck diesel canopies, propane dispensing station and water tank pump house and the soon-to-open Subway.

Owner RG3 Two LLC of Phoenix bought the property in 2017.


In case you missed it in an article by reporter Blake Herzog published earlier this week, Yuma Regional Medical Center has purchased Focused Imaging and Advanced Radiology Healthcare. The firm will remain in the ProMed building, 2270 S. Ridgeview Drive, Suite 127, across 24th street from the hospital.

A new name will be announced after the transaction closes in 60-90 days, according to YRMC CEO Dr. Robert Transchel. Focused Imaging CEO Mike Doukas, who founded the company in 2002, will retire after the sale is complete.

“Across the course of our conversations, it became abundantly clear that the mission, vision and culture of YRMC align closely with what we have built at Focused Imaging,” Doukas said. “By joining YRMC — with its established infrastructure and cutting-edge expertise — our doctors and staff will be able to devote their time and attention toward what they do best: providing excellent care for patients. We are confident and excited about how this partnership will advance healthcare here in Yuma.”

Trenschel also noted that the integration will improve the community’s access to the diagnostic technology offered by Focused Imaging, including the area’s only open MRI machine.

Focused Imaging’s patient data and records will transition to YRMC’s electronic medical record, enabling secure, quick data-sharing among the staff at Focused Imaging and other YRMC providers and facilities.


Bajo El Sol reporter Cesar Neyoy recently reported on the “boom” taking place in Somerton, where five businesses have opened their doors and another two plan to do so.

Among the businesses that have opened over the past year are a Burger King franchise, two restaurants, a bakery and cafeteria. Also, an events hall moved into the premises of a previously shuttered business.

Factor Sales, a chain of local grocery stories, plans to open a warehouse in the La Mesa area on the city’s east side, while La Michoacana Plus, a California-based chain of ice cream parlors that has already opened a shop on Yuma’s 8th Street, is expected to open a shop in a downtown building owned by Factor Sales, according to Hector Tapia, the city’s economic development director.

In addition, the McDonald’s hamburger chain is considering Somerton as a prospective site for a future restaurant.

The Factor Sales warehouse, planned for construction on a 5-acre site southwest of the intersection of Avenue B and County 16th, would stock the products offered by the chain’s Del Sol Market grocery stores.

Factor Sales also has plans to build a 25,000-square-foot commercial building on the southeast corner of Somerton Avenue and Main, near its current Del Sol store. 


Here is a list of business licenses issued by the City of Yuma in May:

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Medevals of Arizona, 281 W. 24th St., Suite 134, Yuma, 949-235-3593; Green Janitorial Service, 530 S. Magnolia Ave., Suite 7, Yuma, 928-210-3900; Video Voice Data Communications, 1920 S. Factor Ave., Suite 5, Yuma, 714-897-6300; Precision IT, 2776 S. Avenue 2 1/2E, Suite 24, Yuma, 928-257-1072; Carlos A Barraza, 1310 S. Sunset Drive, Yuma, 928- 446-5103; Buyers & Traders General Repairs, 1361 S. 3rd Ave., Yuma, 928-783-4489; JuggleYuma, 2751 S. Mesa Ave., Yuma, 928-304-3296; DLT Lawn Care, 444 W. Jacobs St., Somerton, 928-261-6891; Pure Nard Cleaning Services, 842 W. Flower St., Somerton, 928-246-8627; Fortify Hauling, 3194 W. Rome St., Yuma, 928-750-3317; Desert Valley Power Systems, 4403 W. 12th Place, Yuma, 928-581-8610; Talentzone.us, 131 N. 23rd Ave., Yuma, 619-216-0909; West Coast Weaponworks, 1700 S. 1st Ave., Suite 109,Yuma, 619-251-1363; Imperial Car Wash, 160 N. 19th Ave., Suite 31, 928-261-5684; CR Pools, 3487 E. County 13th St., 928-750-0245; EVM Web Designer, 2351 S. 37th Ave., Suite 7A, 928-276-1582; Auto Pilot International, 1325 S. Haupt Ave., Suite 52, 928-919-3779.

RETAIL: MSZS, 2966 S. 32nd Ave., Yuma, 760-222-2059.

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: YRMC Bone & Joint, Tuscany Plaza, 2851 S. Avenue B, Suite 201, Yuma, 928-344-2000; Eleganz Medical Spa, 3970 W. 24th St., Suite 203, Yuma, 928-750-5823.

CONTRACTOR: Next Generation Energy, 441 S. 1st Ave., Yuma, 928-580-6185; Pilkington Construction Co., 2975 S. Avenue B, Yuma, 928-317-0345; Bayley Construction LP, 7585 E. Redfield Road, Suite 202, Scottsdale, 480-209-1247.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Ballet Folklorico Corazon de Yuma, 174 S. 4th Ave., Yuma, 928-210-2333; Janine Konopko CPA, 3573 W. 16th Place, Yuma, 203-401-8064.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Time Warner Cable Information Service Arizona, 1401 S. Yuma Palms Parkway, Suite G5, Yuma, 928-783-4441.

ITINERANT VENDORS: The Juice Box Drinks & Salads, 100-300 block of Main Street, 602-675-0902; Alice’s Paparazzil, 100-300 block of Main Street, 928-257-5452; The Flower Cart & Co., 251 W. 32nd St., 928-304-4590.

RESTAURANT: Red Moon Ale House, 130 S. Main St.

SMALL ADULT RESIDENTIAL CARE FACILITY: Rose Garden Adult Home Care No. 2, 1750 W. Camino Kino, Yuma, 928-276-3014.

AUTOS/OTHER VEHICLES: RV World Recreation Vehicle Center, 5875 E. Gila Ridge Road, 928-726-6600.

TRANSPORTATION-TAXI: Vasyl Zilhalov, 13296 E. 54th St., Yuma, 928-581-7602.


And that’s it for now! If you know of a new business that has or will be opening, relocating or closing, please let me know at mknaub@yumasun.com.

I get a lot of messages asking questions, which I welcome, but I can’t personally answer every question. If I find the answer, I will answer it in the column. I appreciate the readers who always act as my eyes and ears. Thank you!

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