Comings & Goings: Restaurant, coffee stand, carwash and hotel coming to Fortuna Palms

The commercial development called Fortuna Palms, located between the Dairy Queen and Walgreens on Fortuna Road, will include a Mexican restaurant, coffee stand, carwash and hotel.

Readers are eager to know what’s happening next to Walgreens on Fortuna Road in the Foothills. Developer Ross Wait filled me in a while back, but he asked that I hold off on announcing the projects until the contracts were “signed, sealed and delivered.” He noted that you never know if a deal will fall through until then.

The commercial development is called Fortuna Palms and it’s located between the Dairy Queen and Walgreens. Wait was in talks to bring in a grocery store, Mexican restaurant, coffee stand, carwash and hotel.

Unfortunately, the grocery store has now pulled out. Aldi’s was considering two sites in the Yuma area, Fortuna Palms and 4th Avenue and 16th Street.

However, as the final details of the contract were being worked out, Aldi’s decided to halt the Yuma projects until a central supply warehouse is built in Arizona, which could take about two years to complete.

For now, Aldi’s is on hold. The grocery store would have gone on the two center lots (Lots No. 2 and 3) fronting Fortuna Road. It’s sad news and I know some readers will be very disappointed, but it’s nice to know that Aldi’s considers Yuma an option.

Several other projects are going forward on Fortuna Palms. There are four lots that front Fortuna Road and four lots in the back. Dutch Bros. Coffee will go into Lot 4, next to Walgreens. Lot No. 1, next to Dairy Queen, will be a Mexican restaurant, but Wait has not been authorized to release the name. It’s one familiar to longtime Yumans, and I believe they will be happy with it.

Also next to Walgreens will be a new state-of-the-art carwash, but Wait can’t name the business yet.

A hotel will go into one of the four lots in the back. The hotel developer has approved a two-acre site for the 114-room structure, but again, the exact hotel chain can’t be announced yet. Wait said it usually takes about two years to get a hotel built.

In the meantime, groundwork on the entire commercial property is almost complete. Wait expects the retention basins, power, gas, streets and curbs to be finished in about three weeks. Street paving should start soon, and then it will be shovel ready.

To reach Ross Wait, owner/broker at Yuma East Real Estate and Development, call 928-342-2203.


On another project just down the road, Wait is working with Norma De Leon to bring Filiberto’s Mexican Food to Fortuna Road. Plans call for building the restaurant on property close to Wheezy’s Restaurant and Sport Bar.

Filibertos, a chain serving “authentic” Mexican food in Arizona, California and New Mexico, has a location at 1750 S. 4th Ave. in Yuma.


And speaking of Wheezy’s ... owners and sisters Elene, Maria and Loula Stefanakos announced that they purchased the field south of the restaurant to make more parking for the business. They called it “another huge step in making our business sustainable for our loyal, kick-ass employees and amazing customers who supported us during a pandemic.”

The sisters thanked Wait for mentoring them. “You believed in us from the start, made and are making deals happen for us girls,” they noted.


In case you missed it: Did you catch the news report in the Yuma Sun of the two new businesses coming to Yuma? The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission has approved conditional use permits for the businesses.

Joshua Roye, owner of Yuma Baseball Academy, will bring indoor batting cages for youth trying to improve their athletic skills. The batting cages will be located at 987 E. 21st St., Suite C, and will include two hitting tunnels and multiple batting tee stations, all using batting nets.

Yuma Baseball Academy provides instruction to youth participating in competitive leagues. While the organization provides instruction for both fielding and hitting, the property will only be used for hitting practice. The facility will be open daily between the hours of 5-9 p.m.

The second business is a quick oil change facility at 3010 S. 4th Ave., in the Southgate Mall. It will be constructed between Dutch Bros. Coffee and Chipotle Mexican Grill, next to the new Family Dollar.

The business, a national company not yet publicly named, will have customers remain in their cars from the beginning to the end of the service. A 1,438-square-foot building will consist of three drive-thru bays along with a restroom and small manager’s office.


Here are the licenses issued by the City of Yuma in December and January:

COMMERCIAL LEASE: Guardian Self Storage V., 1950 E. 32nd St., Yuma, 928-726-5681.

CONTRACTOR: Hollis Brothers LLC, 3093 S. Avenue B, Yuma, 928-580-3532; Sunsolar Solutions, 8932 W. Cactus Road, Peoria, 602-773-6675; Riedel Construction Inc., 11665 S. Fortuna Road, Yuma, 928-627-9385; CTM Construction, 1704 E. 26th Place, Yuma, 928-261-3638; Ram’s Glass, 2631 S. Arizona Ave., Yuma, 928-580-5305; Clifford-Lee and Associates, 34 Flint Hill Highway, Shiloh, Georgia, 479-278-2990; Concept Commercial Construction 1324 N. Farrell Court, Suite 118, Gilbert, 480-632-2381; Nolin Fire Sprinklers, 7313 N. 45th Ave., Glendale, 623-930-0895; VSS International Inc., 3785 Channel Drive, West Sacramento, California, 916-373-1500.

ITINERANT VENDOR: Homestead Steaks LLC, 801 W. 32nd St., Yuma, 417-793-5235.

MEDICAL/DENTAL: YRMC Gastroenterology, 1390 W. 16th St., Yuma, 928-344-2000

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Hunny-Pot Boudoir Photography, 11875 E. Alpha Way, Yuma, 928-446-6495.

REAL ESTATE BROKER: Remax Territory, 1706 S. 4th Ave., Yuma, 928-304-1631.

RESTAURANTS: Bellahibachi, 2395 S. 4th Ave., Yuma, 520-238-2481; Mariscos La Apoma LLC, 2500 S. 4th Ave., Suite 6, Yuma, 928-261-7143.

RETAIL: AZ Cycles, 1582 E. Kuns Court, Yuma, 928-287-8451; Littlewood Art, 10120 Avenue F, Yuma, 928-276-0292; Paragraph Used Books, 601 S. 16th Ave., Yuma, 928-446-4951; Sunny Desert Boutique, 1233 S. 42nd Ave., Yuma, 928-920-1453.

SALON/SPA/BARBER: J&H Beauty Studio, 695 S. Orange Ave., Yuma, 831-223-3943; Honey Hair Studio, 1700 S. 1st Ave., Suite 305, Yuma, 928-287-3937; Cactus Wren Salon, 2375 S. 4th Ave., Suite 7, 850-499-2514; Yuma’s Brow Doctor & Co., 909 W. 16th St., Yuma, 928-275-4866; Bellezza Skin & Laser, 250 W. 24th St., Suite F, Yuma, 928-259-7131.

SERVICE PROVIDER: RWC Group, 7125 E. Gila Ridge Road, Yuma; Albert’s Lawn Care, 10322 S. Fall Ave., Yuma, 928-446-3695; Munior Flooring & Fence Block, 867 W. Canal Drive, San Luis, 928-323-1433; Carlos Mobile Washing, 304 S. May Ave., Yuma, 928-615-2780; John’s Power Washing, 624 W. Angelica St., Somerton, 928-488-8504; Luxx Cavitation, 2607 S. 4th Ave., Suites D8-D9, 928-256-7243; Sonora Performance, 1204 San Joaquin Ave., Somerton, 928-503-3239; Valley Lawn LLC, 2950 S. Arizona Ave., Yuma, 760-818-9443; Soap Runner Professional Detailing, 1011 S. Magnolia Ave., Yuma 928-503-2027; Yuma Home Solutions, 580 S. 9th Ave., Yuma, 928-341-5806; Jonathan Tree Service, 608 N. Marshall Loop Road, Somerton, 831-975-0653; 5th Ave. Massage, 1320 S. 5th Ave.; El Rey Mobile Car Wash, 4590 W. 19th Place, Yuma, 928-315-2803; Bird, 867 S. Dora Ave., Yuma, 866-441-8538; Image Auto Glass, 11202 E. 27th Place, Yuma, 928-503-1779; Interim Public Management, 16868 N. Stoneridge Court, Fountain Hills, 480-577-0949; Carlos Landscaping Services, 2613 S. Mesa Ave., Yuma, 928-366-4147; Wiked Perfection Auto Body, 5836 E. 32nd St., Suite 5, Yuma, 928-502-2485; RDZ Performance, 2149 S. Factor Ave., Suite 2, Yuma; Lara’s Landscaping, 8169 S. Apache Lane, Yuma, 928-257-2466; Desert Rose, 1545 S. 14th Ave., Yuma, 407-986-5506; Retana’s Immigration Services, 2811 S. 4th Ave., Suite B, Yuma, 928-323-7458;

Hanks RV Repair & Inspection Services, 10184 E. 34th Place, Yuma, 928-920-0611; Kallas’s Restorations, 1547 S. Gate Way, Yuma, 928-259-0429; Az Cleanrz, 7229 E. 26th St., Yuma, 928-247-3866; Ag Pro Sanitation, 2975 W. 27th Lane, Yuma, 928-366-3748.

SPECIALTY STORES: Paragraph Used Books (Yuma Palms) 1305 S. Yuma Palms Parkway, Yuma, 928-446-4951; Nikki’s Chickies Farm, 1700 S. 1st Ave., Suite 309, 928-580-7454.

VENDING MACHINES: Coin Cloud, 9580 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 200, Las Vegas, Nevada, 855-264-2046.

WHOLESALE: Industrial Automation Services, 550 S. Ellis St., Suite 1, Chandler, 480-413-0899.


The Yuma Commercial Construction Project Updates for the past two weeks follow:

Completed Project: Hughes Net, 575 S. Madison Ave., new satellite dish.


Building Permits Issued: Chile Pepper, 1030 W. 24th St., new drive-thru order kiosk; Horizon Health, 1185 S. Redondo Dr., Ste. A, tenant improvements; Yuma Regional Medical Center, 2460 S. Parkview Loop, mammography renovation.


New Plans Submitted for Review: Hope Bridge, 1185 S. Redondo Drive, tenant improvements; Premier Self Storage, Buildings 4 and 8, 3265 S. Avenue 3 3/4E; YRMC, remodel of Tuscany Plaza Surgery Center, 2851 S. Avenue B, Suite 2801; Dillard’s, 1461 S. Yuma Palms Parkway, interior alterations; Howard Johnson Hotel, Restaurant, 3181 S. 4th Ave., restaurant tenant improvements.


I appreciate readers who act as my eyes and ears. If you know of a new business that has or will be opening, relocating or closing, please let me know at


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