Details for Yuma Vision Center

We sadly announce the retirement of Dr. Stephen H.
Spencer. Dr. Spencer has been part-owner of Yuma Vision
Center for over 30 years.
Unfortunately, this Spring Dr. Spencer was diagnosed with
Parkinson’s Syndrome after several months of testing and
doctor visits. It was then official that he wouldn’t be able to
return to Yuma Vision Center.
We want to thank our patients for their patience. This was
a personal journey for Dr. Spencer, and we wanted to wait
until he and his family were ready to share the results, before
passing this information on to you.
Yuma Vision Center continues to look for an additional
Optometrist to join Dr. Tom Determan. We want to shorten our
wait times for appointments, but we also want to choose a
doctor who can provide the quality care our patients expect.

Address: 2750 S Pacific Ave. Suite D
Phone: (928) 782-7557

As a retirement gift, Dr. Spencer’s wife, Wendy, has asked
that patients write a short note about any special memory
or visit they shared with Dr. Spencer over the years. These
notes will be made into a book for the Spencer family to
enjoy as life moves forward. Please email any notes to or drop them off at Yuma Vision Center.


@YumaVisionCenter /YumaVisionCenter