2 Somerton city employees have coronavirus

A banner in front of Somerton City Hall signifies  the city’s fight to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Two city employees recently tested positive for COVID-19.

SOMERTON – Two Somerton city employees are off work recovering after having tested positive for COVID-19, the city administrator said.

In a news release this week, City Administrator Ian McGaughey said the two have been off work since May 28, and that all other employees who worked in close proximity to the two have been tested for the novel coronavirus.

“We all wish for the speedy recovery of our team members,” McGaughey said. “All of us need to realize that the virus is here among us. It is highly contagious. Still, by following the guidelines that we all know, we can significantly reduce the chances of spreading this disease.”

Last month the city put in place new rules at City Hall aimed at protecting employees, among them were those requiring all workers to wear masks and preventing them from congregating in meeting rooms, during breaks and in lunchrooms.

In addition, the city is directing its employees to use e-mail as much as possible to communicate among one another and, where possible, to work remotely as a way to limit the number of workers on the premises of City Hall. City Hall has remained closed to the public as an additional measure to prevent the spread of the virus.

Work spaces at city offices have been disinfected since the two employees tested positive, McGaughey added.

As of this week 368 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed throughout Somerton, compared with 107 in San Luis.

“We are of course all hopeful that the number of new cases will begin to level off soon,” McGaughey said. “Until that time, we must remain vigilant in keeping ourselves, our coworkers and everyone we come into contact with safe and healthy.”


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