SAN LUIS, Ariz. – As a police officer here recovers from COVID-19 this week, another first responder in the city has tested positive for the coronavirus.

A San Luis firefighter recently tested positive for COVID-19, Mayor Gerardo Sanchez confirmed on his Facebook page.

Eduardo Ramirez, a spokesman for the San Luis Fire Department, said the firefighter is in quarantine, and said other members of the department who have been in contact with him have or will be tested for the virus.

Ramirez said the firefighter is in good health and is believed to have contracted the virus while transferring a previously infected patient to the hospital.

Becoming infected with COVID-19, Ramirez said, remains an occupational hazard for the firefighters even as they wear personal protective equipment and take other precautions.

A San Luis police officer who tested positive May 13 is in good condition and has completed 14 days of quarantine, said Lt. Marco Santana, the spokesman for the police department.

“The officer is at home, in good health, and all that we’re waiting for are the test results showing that he is negative and the release from the doctor so that he can go back to work.”

Santana added that four other patrol officers who worked most closely with the him have all tested negative for the virus.

The pandemic prompted the police department to order its officers to wear masks and gloves when in contact with the public, and Santana said the guidelines remain in effect.

In his Facebook message, Sanchez said the city is working to identify and notify all people who may have come in contact with the unidentified firefighter. He provided no more details about the case.

As part of measures to contain the virus, police and fire dispatchers who answer calls for assistance from the public ask all callers if bystanders or others at incident scenes have symptoms of the virus, Santana said.

Also, Santana added, the police station is disinfected twice daily. While other municipal offices have been closed to the public amid the pandemic, the police station remains open.


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