A father is worth what he dreams.

A father is worth the love he shares.

A father is worth the happiness he provides.

A father is worth his thoughts.

A father is worth the insight he has attained.

A father is worth the help he gives.

A father is worth the life he lives.

A life picture is related of a father who was pushing his son’s stroller for an evening walk. The son was howling with rage. The father continued pushing the stroller and saying, “Please, Jim, control yourself,” he continued, gently saying, “Easy, Jim, keep calm.”

A woman who had been observing the father said, “I commend your ability to speak so gently and calmly to a distressed child.”

Leaning over and looking into the stroller she said, “Jim, you have a very caring father.”

The father corrected the lady, “His name is Tommy. My name is Jim.”

Father’s Day and every day is an opportunity to confirm the hope and help that fathers give.

The Rev. Paul Killingsworth serves as pastor at Yuma First Assembly.

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