God’s care for this world is limitless. His promise that “as long as earth lasts, planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never stop,” continues after thousands of years, Genesis 8:22.

Let us put aside whatever is in the way of saying and showing that we care and do it.

Let’s recognize that caring is more than feeling, more than proper, more than duty … it is doing. Caring will be our way of life.

Let us stop acting out of desire to control and act with purpose to care.

We can be a help to people like us that are experiencing difficulty.

We should care … for the world’s comfort, for the world’s peace, for the world’s security.

God caring for this world from our hearts and through our hands can provide “hope that helps.”

The Rev. Paul Killingsworth serves as pastor at Yuma First Assembly.

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