A grandfather was visiting his daughter’s home at Christmas. He heard his grandson screaming with despair from his playpen. “Get me out, Grandpa,” he cried. Just as grandpa was reaching into the playpen to lift him out of his sad plight, the boy’s mother appeared in the room. She said, “Johnny, you can’t get out. You must stay. You have been a bad boy and you need to be punished.” The mother’s declaration was more for grandpa than Johnny. In a few moments after the mother left, the boy suddenly stopped crying.

Upon returning to see why the boy wasn’t crying, the mother saw grandpa sitting in the playpen, an amazing sight. Torn between love and rules, grandpa realized that he would have to go to the boy because the boy could not go to him, much like Jesus who came to earth the first Christmas. Jesus came where we are to show that God cares. There was no other way.

The Rev. Paul Killingsworth serves as pastor at Yuma First Assembly.

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