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Yuma Sun Digital Advertising

We reach anyone.....Anywhere




About Yuma Sun Digital Advertising

Online Advertising, Social Media Management, Websites

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More About Yuma Sun Digital Advertising

We reach anyone.....Anywhere

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the world of Sun Media in Yuma, AZ.

Just like your organization, we have a mission – a mission that is at the core of our very existence. Simply, our mission is to provide businesses and organizations with a connection to the population of Yuma and beyond.  It is our job to connect businesses to consumers.

As publishers of Yuma Sun, Yuma’s seven-day daily newspaper, many have a tendency to view us as ‘the local newspaper.’ Indeed we are that…but we’re also a whole lot more. We are also an ever-changing diverse media organization. In addition to a very strong and still growing local newspaper, our connections to the consumers also include:

  • Seven of the best read Web Sites in the desert southwest.

Of course advertising opportunities are available within all of these media channels. 

Sun Media Services:

  • Website Design-receive professional advice and services to design a customer webpage.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-We make sure that you are the first business seen when customers are looking for your services online!
  • Targeted Display Advertising-Target the customers that are interested in your services, or will be in the future.
  • Geographic Targeting-Target your ads to those customers that frequent certain geographic locations, ex.  Winter Visitors
  • Media Management-Dont have time to have an online presence but still want to reach those who do, we can manage all you social media platforms from one location and give you the reigns or we can do it for you!

We know that your advertising and our marketing skills will work in tandem with our community, because our readers trust us to deliver to them the news, information, and advertising that they can and do useThey use our media offerings and they use them often. It’s this relationship with the readers that allows us to say…your advertising in our publications and web sites will expand and continuously grow with our support and guidence.  We are the Yuman experts!