Yuma to Dallas

Passengers board American Airlines' first  Yuma to Dallas/Fort Worth flight in March at Yuma International Airport.

A second flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will be added to the Yuma International Airport service schedule in December.

Gen Grosse, airport spokeswoman, made the announcement during the Yuma Chamber of Commerce “Good Morning, Yuma!” breakfast meeting on Thursday.

She told the Yuma Sun that the route will be for holiday travel in December, but she said she doesn’t have more details yet. “Not sure if they’ll continue afterwards,” Grosse noted.

American Airlines began daily nonstop flights from Yuma to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, a national and international “superhub,” in March. This daily route departs in the early morning and returns in the early evening, connecting Yuma to domestic and international flights.

Airport Director Gladys Brown previously noted the Dallas/Fort Worth route would improve connectivity to many destinations, reducing the number of connecting flights travelers previously had to make.

Brown noted that the DFW route provided a “critical link between Yuma, the Midwest, the East Coast as well as Caribbean connectivity, for government, business and leisure travelers.” The route makes it easier for vacationers to reach their destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America, such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Mexico.

The Dallas route also appeals to winter visitors, Brown said.

For the last four years Brown has been pushing to attract more routes to Yuma. Airport representatives have been attending air service development conferences and working with the consulting firm Mead & Hunt to provide research and presentations to airlines.

American Airlines considered connectivity, timing and costs in deciding to establish the route to DFW, she added.

“We showed them we have a community that flies,” the director noted. “We kept the numbers up and year round, not just seasonally.”

Brown said at the time that Yuma has the demand for even more flights and if the number of passengers continues to increase, airlines could become interested in adding more routes.

American Airlines continues to offer multiple, daily nonstop flights from Yuma to Phoenix Sky Harbor, with connectivity to the Bay area and Pacific Northwest.

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