Benefits of healthy diet to be discussed in presentation Saturday

Dr. Ricky Ochoa will discuss the benefits of a healthy diet in preventing diabetes and other maladies, in a presentation Saturday at Christ Lutheran Church.

 David Cummins credits Dr. Ricky Ochoa with helping him avoid diabetes, and now he thinks the Yuma physician can help others as well.

At Cummins’ invitation, Ochoa will present a seminar about healthy eating beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday in Fellowship Hall at Christ Lutheran Church,  2555 S. Engler Ave. The presentation is free and open to the public, and reservations are not necessary.

Cummins, a member of the church and a patient of Ochoa’s, says the presentation will focus on the role of a good diet not only in preventing diabetes but in promoting overall good health. Cummins also plans to speak about his personal experience.

Ochoa had diagnosed Cummins as being prediabetic, and warned his condition could get worse if he didn’t take steps to reduce his high glucose level.

Cummins added more fruits and vegetables to his diet and cut back on sugar consumption. He reversed his prediabetic condition, he says, and while Ochoa can’t guarantee him he’ll add years to his life, Cummins at least knows he’s improving the quality of his life.

“I just turned 80 in June, and I was glad he told me what to do (going forward).”

Ochoa, a family medicine physician, has cited Cummins’ experience to motivate other patients in fighting off diabetes. And Cummins’ example hasn’t been lost on the church, either.

“We have to ladies in our church (who are) on the health program in the church to help people change their way of living – it’s called the Care Committee. They knew I know Dr. Ochoa and they knew I had reversed my prediabetic (condition), so they asked me to ask him to speak. And he was more than willing to do that.”

Ochoa said the dietary tips he will offer can potentially help in reversing not only a prediabetic condition but Type 2 diabetes.

The presentation, lasting about an hour or hour and a half, is a condensed version of a five-week class previously taught by the Yuma doctor.

The information Ochoa will provide can serve not only in preventing diabetes, but in keeping down cholesterol and promoting good heart health, Cummins said.

Time will be set aside in the presentation for the audience to ask general questions about health. Among the topics Ochoa said he is prepared to talk about in the question-and-answer session is what people can to do prevent or delay the onset of dementia.

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