Though Yuma isn’t world-renowned for its fishing, there are plenty of places that folks can go any time of year to kick back and cast a line.

And recently, the Arizona Game and Fish Department released an “enhanced” version of their interactive map that shows where exactly those places are.

The map can give directions, in addition to the locations of stores and other locations where prospective fishers can get licensed.

According to the tool, there are four different community fishing waters in the Yuma area, and Chris Bedinger, the public information officer for the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Yuma office, said that if people are looking for a place to go with the whole family, the pond at West Wetlands Park is perfect.

He said that they stock the waters with catfish monthly during the summer, and during those months it never gets too busy, either.

“In the summer time around Yuma, you’re not going to find a lot of spots that are crowded, just because it’s so hot outside,” he said.

And to beat the heat, as well as for the best chance of catching fish, Bedinger said, the early morning or evening is the best time for an outing.

“If you’re looking to catch bass off a boat, the best place is Mittry Lake,” Bedinger said. “We don’t necessarily stock Mittry Lake. It’s an offshoot of the Colorado River, but it is one of the best bass fisheries in this area.”

He said, though, that it “does really require a boat.”

Bedinger recommends, for those new to bass fishing, that they go out with someone that is more experienced in order to get a feel for the experience. He said there is a bass fishing club coordinated through the Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club, as well as a fishing club at Yuma High School.

In addition to bass, fishers on the Colorado River can also expect to catch sunfish, crappie, carp, catfish and trout.

Folks looking to fish can get licenses at a variety of different locations that can be found through the new interactive map. A cheaper license is available for $24 for those looking to only fish in community fishing waters like at West Wetland Park’s pond, while full licenses are $37.

To view the new interactive map, visit

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