The upcoming Yuma County Board of Supervisors meeting, which will be on Wednesday, will include discussions about development plans for a Foothills park and which housing projects to prioritize for the year.

The Yuma County Administration Office prepared both presentations. According to county documents, Foothills residents have expressed a strong desire to see a park in the area. Currently, the only park is the Yuma Foothills Optimist Park.

The presentation will look at the rough outline for developing the park and preliminary site for the park, which is at the northeast corner of the intersection of Foothills Blvd. and South Frontage Road.

The other discussion, also led by the Yuma County Administrator’s Office, will offer ideas for what Yuma County could present to the Arizona Department of Housing for funding.

Every year, the ADOH allocates funds to Yuma County through Community Development Block Grants. Yuma County can receive different types of funding through those grants, but it has to share its Regional Account allocations, the most common type of CDBG funding, with the City of San Luis, the City of Somerton and the Town of Wellton.

Yuma County can submit a maximum of three proposals for funding through those Regional Account allocations. The county can try the alternative means of funding, but those application processes are more limited and more competitive.

The discussion on Wednesday will be a discussion about which projects the board of supervisors wants to prioritize for funding. Proposals include plans to provide funding for projects by Yuma area organizations like the Yuma Community Food Bank, Campesinos Sin Fronteras and Comite De Bien Estar. Possible funding requests range from $65,000 to $2 million.

The Yuma County Board of Supervisors meet in the board of supervisors auditorium on 198 S. Main St. Meetings start at 9 a.m. and the public is welcome to comment.

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