Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents, assisted by members of the agency’s BORSTAR unit, rescued three families from Honduras after they became lost in the desert Tuesday afternoon in 110 degree heat. 

Agent Jose Garibay of the Yuma Sector Public Affairs Office said that its operation center received a call from Emergency Services in Mexico informing them that six individuals who had entered the country illegally were in distress and had become lost in the desert.

“Emergency services is the 911 emergency number in Mexico,” Garibay said.

Garibay said the families were able to provide rescuers with GPS coordinates.

Agents were dispatched to an area south of the Foothills, within the Goldwater range. A helicopter from the agency’s Air and Marine (AMO) branch was also deployed.

A short time later the helicopter spotted the families, which consisted of three adults and three children, and guided agents on the ground to their location.

All six individuals were found to be in good health, according to Garibay, and given access to water, food and medical care. Afterward, they were transported to the Yuma Station to be processed for immigration violations.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents also arrested three suspected smugglers and scouts, along with 21 illegal entrants on Tuesday.

An AMO helicopter crew spotted the group and tracked it to a known scouting location.

Agents on the ground responded to the area and took the group into custody.

Agents also recovered equipment used for scouting at the location.

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