U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested three U.S. citizens for two separate alleged attempts to smuggle 168 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine through the Port of San Luis over the weekend.

“Our CBP Officers have, and continue to prove, their unconditional resolve as our nation's top tier law enforcement professionals,” said San Luis Port Director John Schwamm. “This seizure and arrests is a proven and lauded example of their daily commitment to fulfilling their duty and protecting our nation from the dangerous and illegal opioids.”

On Friday afternoon officers referred a pair of 23-year-old Phoenix women to secondary for additional inspection of a Jeep SUV as they attempted to enter the U.S. through the port.

While in secondary, a CBP narcotics detection canine alerted to a scent it was trained to detect coming from the front fender as well as the fuel tank. When officers searched the Jeep they found and removed nine packages of heroin, as well as 60 packages of methamphetamine from those areas.

The heroin weighed almost 12 pounds, worth an estimated $133,000 while the methamphetamine weighed more than 65 pounds, with an estimated value of more than $59,000.

The second alleged drug smuggling incident happened early Saturday morning when a 28-year-old San Luis man was referred for additional inspection of his Pontiac SUV as he attempted to enter the U.S.

A canine alert led to the discovery of 90 packages of meth hidden throughout the vehicle, which weighed more than 91 pounds and were worth more than $83,000.

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