The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is informing the community that a convicted Level 2 sex offender has notified the agency that he is now residing at a new address.

Randy Aneweer, 55, is now residing at 11568 S. Renee Ave.. He is described as 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 340 pounds, with black hair and blue eyes. 

A Level 2 sex offender, Aneweer is considered a medium risk to re-offend..

On April 18, 1996, Aneweer was convicted of three counts of sexual abuse in the second degree in the Black Hawk County District Court in Waterloo, Iowa. He was sentenced to 25 years in the Iowa State Penitentiary.

His victim was an 11-year-old female who was known to him. He is not currently on probation or parole.

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