Readers, we’ve received several questions from you regarding the local COVID-19 numbers.

The two biggest questions/requests are the following:

1) How many people have recovered from COVID-19, and can you include those numbers daily?

2) What’s the zip code breakdown for the cases?

We reached out to Yuma County, which provides us with the data each day, and made your requests – both of which were denied.

However, the Yuma Sun thinks your requests are reasonable.

The zip code information is provided each day by the Arizona Department of Health Services. However, there is a flaw in that data, in that the daily numbers are one day behind what the county releases.

On Friday, for example, here was the breakdown by zip code from the state:

• Gadsden/85336: 0

• Roll/85347: 0

• San Luis/85349: 18

• Somerton/85350: 18

• Tacna/85352: 0

• Wellton/85356: 1-5

• Yuma/85364: 33

• Yuma/85365: 13

• Foothills/85367: 1-5

However, those numbers aren’t exact, because anything under five cases is classified as 1-5. And these numbers will not match the county’s total of 94, released later in the day Friday, because the state numbers are a day behind. Why can’t the county provide a daily zip code tally as part of its daily update?

As for the recovery information, we can see how that might present some challenges. People recover at different paces. Some may recover at the hospital, others at home. But one would think there is a way for the county to close this loop, and let readers know what they can.

That’s the type of information that is uplifting. It’s not all doom and gloom out there – every recovered patient is a reminder of hope, a clear indication that recovery happens.

Why not share that information when the county has it?

Readers, we don’t feel your requests are unreasonable. We too would like to publish this data every day. But we want to make sure that we are correct, and that our numbers between the county’s daily total and the zip code totals match.

If you agree, give the county a call, and encourage them to share this information.


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