Dairy Queen

A man driving a black pickup truck was attempting to maneuver through the drive-thru lane of the Dairy Queen on Fortuna Road in the Foothills on Monday when he struck the corner of the building with a travel trailer he was pulling.

The driver who caused damage to a Foothills eatery on Monday may face criminal charges, according to a spokesperson from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

YCSO Spokesperson Tania Pavlak said the incident happened at approximately 12:37 p.m. at the Dairy Queen located at 11274 S. Fortuna Road.

The investigation revealed that a man driving a black dually pickup truck pulling an approximately 35-foot long travel trailer was attempting to maneuver through the drive through of the Dairy Queen.

The trailer, however, got caught the fencing around the ordering point in the drive through, dislodging it from the cement.

The driver then continued forward and the travel trailer collided with a large metal post at the northeast corner of the building at the turn in the drive thru.

The metal post, building and overhead awning were damaged by the trailer, which also received extensive damage.

At this point the driver attempted to pull the trailer through the drive through after colliding with the building by accelerating several times but was ultimately unable to get the trailer dislodged.

Pavlak explained that since the incident happened on private property, and not on a public roadway, the driver was not cited.

Deputies did, however, write an informational report, which Pavlak said is being sent to the Yuma County Attorney’s Office to review for any potential criminal charges.

If any charges are filed she said the driver will receive a summons to appear in court.

A tow truck was needed to free the travel trailer from the building.

The manager of the Dairy Queen was unable to provide an estimate for damages to the building.


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