SLRC port of entry

This artist's conception depicts the proposed new crossing gate in San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., from Arizona.

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Son. — The Sonora state government has earmarked money for a study into a proposed traffic underpass to ease congestion among vehicles entering the city from San Luis, Ariz.

The proposal called for routing southbound traffic onto Morelos Street and south on Morelos to an underpass at Obregon Avenue. Passing under Obregon, the vehicles would continue on to Juarez, Hidalgo or Kino avenues in the downtown area.

At present vehicles passing through the border gate to First Street, continuing south to Obregon, where bottlenecks frequently occur.

San Luis Rio Colorado Mayor Enrique Reina made the proposal in 2018, months before he left office. The Sonora government announced recently on its website that funds from the state’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development had released funds from its budget for a cost analysis of the project. 

The proposal also calls for a pedestrian walkway to be built along First Street south to Obregon, where walkers would likewise pass under Obregon.

Apart from that funding, Sonora lawmaker Alonso Montes Pina, whose district includes San Luis Rio Colorado, told the city’s daily newspaper, Tribuna de San Luis, that funds had also been approved for construction of one of the underpasses.

Approval of the funding comes on the heels of approval in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives of an allocation of $152.4 million to remodeling and expansion of the U.S. port of entry at San Luis, Ariz., to handle growing traffic from Mexico.

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