Anayah Dorman competes for national teen crown

Anayah Dorman, 17, will compete on Sunday in Las Vegas for the United States of America Teen America crown. She's a senior at Gila Ridge and has lived in Yuma for 6 years.

Gila Ridge senior Anayah Dorman will compete on Sunday for the United States of America’s Teen crown in Las Vegas. Dorman, 17 years old, also won the United States of America’s Teen Arizona crown in November.

“I’m really excited for her,” said Dr. Kella Price, who’s been coaching her through the pageant process and is the executive director of the United States of America Arizona pageants. “This is a great opportunity for her to meet other title holders, Miss, Ms and Mrs, and to really create lasting friendships.”

Dorman also expressed her excitement in competing at the national level in a sport that she only recently joined. Dorman said that she considered competing for the USOA Teen Arizona crown after a friend of her mom told her mom about it three weeks before the deadline to enter.

“I’m brand new,” Dorman said. “I’ve never done anything like this, but I’m ready to just dive in and give it my best.”

Dorman said that she had been considering competing for the Teen Arizona crown a few months leading up to the pageant. She said that what attracted her to it the most was the platform that the crown gives.

“People want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and it gives you the platform to talk about issues that are important to you,” she said.

Dorman has used her platform to promote the Young Life program, which mentors teens and gets them involved in group activities. Dorman said the program has been a reliable source of fun and joy for her while growing up. “It keeps the kid in you alive,” she said. She joined in middle school shortly after moving to Yuma from El Paso.

Dr. Price said that what stands out about Dorman is her ability to speak confidently in front of people without hiding who she is.

“She’s not afraid to be herself,” Price said. “She’s a genuine individual who’s not afraid to speak up for herself or afraid of sharing her life and her experiences.”

Price added that she’s excited to see Dorman show off her personal flair to the judges in Vegas through her outfits and through the interviews, which account for half of the points awarded by judges in the competition. “This will be a great opportunity for her to shine,” Price said.

Dorman’s mom, Allysia, said that she’s been proud to see her daughter carry the confidence that she’s put on display in November into this competition.

“She has experience in dance and in public speaking, so this fits her really well,” she said. “From a mom’s perspective, I’m proud of her for developing her confidence and being able to speak in front of an audience. This gives her a chance to verbalize how she feels and put it in front of everyone, and I’m excited for her.”

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