Winsor Rotary Park's basketball court has recently undergone some major renovations after the Yuma Hoops Project noticed possible safety issues last year during an inspection.

Due to normal wear and tear from such causes as weather conditions, the concrete finishes were worn, the paint was faded and thus the concrete could become slick and pose a potential hazard, Junior Atherton, Director of Yuma Hoops said.

"The rims and the backboards were also worn, and we don't want anything coming loose and falling on someone while they are playing basketball," Atherton added.

The Yuma Hoops Project decided to take action and secured a grant through The Phoenix Suns, APS and the City of Parks and Recreation for a renovation estimated at about $22,000, said Atherton. The court was completely resurfaced and the backboards and rims were replaced.

The park itself is located at S. 34th Drive, just off of W. 20th Street. 

"It's one of the most used basketball courts in Yuma, so we just wanted to make sure we had safe place for people to go and enjoy outdoors and recreation," Anna Chaulk, Community Affairs Manager at APS said.

According to Atherton, the court was originally built it in 2010 and since then has been well used day and night by the community.

"When I grew up here in the seventies and eighties, we had the same indoor gym, the Optimus Center, built in the mid-sixties," Atherton said.

The Yuma Hoops Project decided to add a basketball court to the community due to the need for more courts. "Yuma has grown, so we said 'You know what, let's find a location and let's find a spot and get some investors.' We applied for some grants and we decided to add a basketball court to the community."

The Yuma Hoops Project was started to support basketball throughout Yuma and is now comprised of five volunteers. "Every year whatever money we raise we give back to basketball and we help families in need," Atherton said. "The City of Parks and Recreation will call us and say,'Hey, we have two kids with parents that are working at home and they need their fees covered,' and we will help out when we can."

In addition, the Yuma Hoops Project provides for a two-day basketball camp every summer for children to practice basketball with a professional.

"Our long-term goal is to get the city, the community and our city officials to build a new public indoor facility," Atherton said.

More information on how to donate or volunteer can be found at the Yuma Hoops Projects website,

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