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Water enthusiasts gather at El Golfo de Santa Clara in a recent year. The mayor of San Luis Rio Colorado says the beach at the popular tourist destination may close for the Easter Week, depending on the severity of the pandemic.

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, Son. – The pandemic could prompt the closure of beach at El Golfo de Santa Clara to visitors during the Easter Week for a second year in a row.

San Luis Rio Colorado Mayor Santos Gonzalez Yescas said his administration and the city’s health committee will be watching the trend of new COVID-19 infections in the coming days to determine if the popular celebration should be suspended.

El Golfo, which falls under the jurisdiction of mayor of San Luis Rio Colorado, traditionally attracts tens of thousands of visitors from surrounding communities and the Yuma area to its warm-water beach over the holiday.

“We are reviewing (a possible suspension) of Easter Week (celebration) at our popular El Golfo de Santa Clara. This is something that is going to be agreed upon by the Municipal Health Committee, the people, businesses and hotel operators in El Golfo,” Gonzalez said in a video posted on Facebook.

“A final decision hasn’t been made,” he added.

El Golfo, a tiny fishing village on the Sea of Cortez that has seen its economy oriented more to tourism over recent decades, suspended the Easter celebration a year ago as COVID-19 infections began to surge.

This year the week leading up to Easter Sunday will be celebrated in Mexico from March 28 to April 3.

As happened in the Yuma area and Arizona, COVID-19 cases mounted in Sonora in the days following the December and January holidays that tend to bring together large numbers of people. Since then, case rates have fallen, and Sonora is now listed in the yellow, or medium level, on the Mexico’s color-coded scale of COVID-19 across the nation.

Nonetheless, the city’s health commission for now is keeping in place restriction limiting hours of operation and occupancy of businesses, and continues to withhold permits for any sporting and entertainment events that bring together large crowds.


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