Two requests from the parent company of Del Sol Supermarkets got the thumbs up from the Yuma County Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday. Factor Sales LLC plans to build a grocery store in the Foothills.

Andres Salcido of Factor Sales requested a change to the land use designation of the 3.67-acre parcel from Local Commercial to Regional Commercial and the rezoning of the parcel from Manufactured Home Subdivision-20,000 square feet minimum to General Commercial.

The proposed grocery store would have 30,000 to 35,000 square feet of floor area.

Staff recommended approval of both requests, with certain conditions, including the completion of a traffic study and for the improvements required by the traffic study to be constructed within one year of approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Salcido agreed with all the conditions and said he believes the new store will be of “great benefit to the area.” Commission Chairman Matias Rosales agreed.

The property is currently occupied by the Desert River Spa and RV Resort, formerly the Schechert Family Aquatics, located at 11737 S. Foothills Blvd. Desert River closed earlier this year after the former owner reported that the COVID-19 pandemic closure proved to be “too much.”

No members of the public asked to speak on the agenda items. The commission unanimously recommended approval of both requests.

In other action, the commission approved a special use permit for an accessory dwelling unit at 3538 E. Corso Cavallo Lane in Yuma. Ed Foster of Hacienda Homes explained that the two lots were tied together with the intent to build a home for the property owners, which is currently under construction, and a second home for an ailing mother-in-law. The owners want the mother-in-law’s 1,140-square-foot quarters close so they can take care of her.

No comments were received from property owners in the area, however, the Marine Corps Air Station submitted a letter of opposition noting that the home would be less than a mile from the Barry Goldwater Range and within the Buffer Area Land Use Zone.

Staff recommended approval of the permit that allows the accessory dwelling unit on a 1.89-acre parcel zoned Low Density Residential-40,000 square feet minimum.

The commission unanimously recommended approval with the condition that the home may not be used as a rental property.

Two other agenda items called for a change to the land use designation of property located at 18860 S. Main St. in Gadsden from Medium Density Residential to Business Park and the rezoning of the property from Low Density Residential-6,000 square feet minimum and Light Industrial to General Commercial.

The applicant intends to develop an automobile sales lot. Ibrahim Osman made the request on behalf of the Jesus N. and Sara A. Ramirez Trust 12-1-98.

The commission unanimously recommended approval of both requests.

In the last case, Diego Torres, on behalf of Marco and Patricia Tellez, requested the rezoning of a 5-acre parcel located at 1582 W. County 17½ St. in Somerton from Rural Area-5 acre minimum to Suburban Ranch-2 acre minimum.

The intent is to divide the property into two parcels for residential development.

The commission unanimously recommended approval of the request.


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