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The interior of the new gym at Rio Colorado Elementary School in San Luis, recently opened in a dedication ceremony.

SAN LUIS – Built nearly four decades ago, Rio Colorado Elementary School now has a gymnasium of its own.

And San Luis Middle School has a classroom addition that the principal says will help handle a jump in enrollment.

The gym, new classrooms and science lab, financed with a voter-approved bond issue of $2.9 million, were officially opened at the schools in a recent ceremony that followed a yearlong construction project.

Selene Arredondo, vice principal at San Luis Middle School, said students were gathering in every available space on campus prior to the completion of the eight new classrooms.

“We are very happy about these classrooms they’ve given,” she said. “They were much needed because we are seeing a growth in the number of students, especially now with children of farm workers who are returning to the area.”

San Luis Middle School has an enrollment of nearly 600 students.

The classrooms are contained in a 9,365-square-foot addition, the first at San Luis Middle School since it opened its doors in 1994.

The 6,105-square-foot gymnasium at Rio Colorado will be used for physical education classes, sports, assemblies, student promotion ceremonies and meetings with parents, Principal Bethany Loucks said.

Previously Rio Colorado used its cafeteria or borrowed the gym at San Luis Middle School for those functions.

Rio Colorado opened in 1985 without a library as well as gym. A library was built at the campus is 2002.


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