Between July 23-29, we had 1,966 calls for service that came into our dispatch center, which generated 139 police reports. Here is a list of some of the calls for service that we handled:

• 911 calls – 946

• Alarm calls – 41

• Assaults – 7

• Assist public – 42

• Burglaries – 16

• Criminal damage – 10

• Disorderly conduct/disturbances – 54

• Domestic disturbances – 44

• Fraud – 6

• Noise disturbance – 19

• Overdose – 1

• Reckless driver – 37

• Runaway juveniles/offense – 5

• Sex offenses – 9

• Shoplifts/thefts – 21

• Shots fired – 11

• Stolen vehicle – 7

• Suspicious subject/incident/vehicle – 73

• Traffic accident – 48

• Trespass – 22

• Welfare check – 61

Our Animal Control Unit responded to 100 calls for service and we had 10 calls for service reference City Ordinance Violations. These calls can include cars parked the wrong way, illegal fireworks and yes, facemask calls.


Now, let’s see what shenanigans happened around town……

This guy, let’s call him Gordy, was sleeping in his vehicle while it was running and in drive. It appeared Gordy enjoyed a few cocktails and chose to drive home. All was good until a trash can jumped in front of him. It looked like he needed a nap after that traumatic episode. To be fair, the passenger was curled up in the passenger’s seat, sawing logs also. The officers got the vehicle turned off and put in park prior to waking sleeping beauty. Trying to get Gordy out of the car was a whole different challenge. This was an SUV-type vehicle and when Gordy slid out of the seat, his legs were not on the same sheet of music as he was. Thank goodness the door was in close proximity and helped Gordy remain semi upright. During the field sobriety test, Gordy’s walk and turn resembled a kid doing the choppy half step walk while flapping his arms. Since you have to actually lift your foot off the ground to perform the one-legged stand, we’ll just call that one a wash. Gordy said he drank two beers, but he blew almost three times the legal limit. I think Gordy may have had a few more than two. Oh, and Gordy’s passenger got a safe ride home.


This lady, let’s call her Melanie, also decided to drive after doing some drinking and vaping with marijuana wax. Melanie, Melanie, Melanie ... first off, Melanie is under 21; secondly, Melanie did not have a medical marijuana card and thirdly, Melanie hit another car and failed to stay at the scene. The driver of the vehicle Melanie hit called the police and followed the vehicle to a local fast food joint. Melanie was contacted in the drive-thru. FYI, an officer will not hold your ice-cream cone while you find all the needed paperwork. This “the more you know” moment was brought to you by the Yuma Police Department. So, along come the field sobriety tests. Melanie was not heel to toe, waved her arms several times and stepped out of line … and this was while the officer was giving instructions. The actual test looked the same, except she was moving her feet in a forward motion. Melanie’s performance of the one-legged stand wasn’t pretty either. Melanie blew over the legal limit and we will await the findings of the drug test.


OK, so this guy, let’s call him Stew, entered a house that was not his. He took his pants and undies off, laid on the couch and grabbed a blanket to cover up his lower half. The poor homeowner, who had no idea who this was, called the police. Stew said he was allowed to be there and that his friend owned the house. Sorry, Stew, wrong house. Alcohol was involved in this incident and so were orange jammies. I’m just going to throw this out there ... If you see a free couch on the side of the road, you may want to keep on driving.


On a serious note, this guy, let’s call him Myron, was waiting in line for a local store to open when he started a conversation with a minor. Myron made small talk with the kid and asked him his age. The minor told Myron his real age, under 18, and Myron said he would make an exception. Myron proceeded to show the minor some pornographic videos. Yes, Myron was arrested and when he tried to say he stopped when he found out the age of the minor, there was a witness that heard the whole conversation. Enjoy your jammies, Myron, because life just took a turn on you.

Stay strong, Yuma!



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