McClendon reappointed as deputy mayor


The Yuma City Council recently approved the reappointment of Leslie McClendon as deputy mayor for 2022. She served in the position during the past year.

“I am very excited and humbled to be appointed for another year as the deputy mayor,” McClendon told the Yuma Sun.

“I am looking forward to continuing with the work we as council are doing to move Yuma forward with the strategic plan we have been putting together with the help of city staff and the Yuma community. I am proud to be a Yuman, born and raised here and able to be a voice in helping Yuma grow to its fullest potential,” she added.

Mayor Doug Nicholls made the recommendation, and, with a 7-0 vote, the rest of the council agreed.

In addition, also at Nicholls’ recommendation, the council unanimously approved the following appointments and reappointments for 2022:


  • Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation, Executive Board: Nicholls
  • Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation, Board of Directors: Councilman Chris Morris
  • Greater Yuma Port Authority: Councilman Gary Knight
  • Greater Yuma Port Authority, Citizen: Wayne Gale
  • Western Arizona Council of Governments, Executive Board and Council on Aging: Councilman Mike Shelton
  • Western Arizona Council of Governments, Yuma County Advisory Board: Councilwoman Ema Lea Shoop
  • Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization, Executive Board, three appointments: Councilwoman Karen Watts, McClendon and Knight
  • Yuma Public Safety Fire and Police Boards: Shelton


  • Design and Historic Review Commission, two reappointments: William Moody and Christopher Hamel
  • Housing Authority of the City of Yuma, one reappointment: David Haws
  • Planning and Zoning Commission, one reappointment: Barbara Beam
  • Residential Advisory Board, one reappointment: Jediah Schmidgall
  • Water and Sewer Commission, two reappointments: Lorna Brooks and Michael Wicks
  • Yuma Public Safety Police Board, one citizen reappointment: Jillian Attaway
  • Yuma Public Safety Fire and Police Board, one reappointment: Bill Craft

Nicholls encouraged citizens “looking to get involved in your community” to serve on city volunteer boards and commissions. He noted that “this is a great way” to do that.

The city currently has the following vacancies on boards and commissions:

  • Building Advisory Board – 1 vacancy/mechanical contractor
  • Parks, Arts and Recreation – 3 vacancies
  • Planning and Zoning Commission – 1 vacancy
  • Residential Advisory Board – 1 vacancy
  • Water and Sewer Commission – 1 vacancy
  • Workers Compensation Trust Board – 2 vacancies

According to the city’s website, any person who lives within the city limits may serve on a board or commission. Several boards of a more technical nature require some members to have specific technical expertise.

To be considered for a board or commission, an application must be filed in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 1 City Plaza.

When an opening occurs due to resignation or term expiration, the council appoints an individual from the list of applications on file with the city clerk. The individual is selected based on education, work experience and civic involvement as listed on the application. Formal appointment occurs at a regularly scheduled council meeting.

For more information on the duties of the various boards and commissions, go to


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