During their monthly meeting Tuesday evening, Crane School District’s governing board agreed to schedule a public hearing on a plan to combine Rancho Viejo and Salida del Sol Elementary Schools under one roof.

“We’ve communicated with people, we’ve had meetings, but we want to formalize that process,” said Superintendent Laurie Doering. “In order to formalize that, we need to schedule a formal meeting and invite anyone who would like to speak pro or against, and make a decision afterwards.”

The plan, which was announced earlier this year and dubbed Crane District Forward by administration, also involves Gowan Science Academy, which currently resides within H.L. Suverkrup Elementary School, moving into Rancho Viejo’s current building.

Crane’s grant writer and community relations coordinator, Mario Hogue, told the Yuma Sun in January that the plan does not involve a reduction in the district’s workforce.

One major reason that Crane is going through with the plan, Doering told the Yuma Sun earlier this year, is to make for a more continuous experience for parents and students at Rancho Viejo and Salida del Sol. Currently, Rancho Viejo students must transfer over to Salida del Sol after their 3rd-grade year in order to complete elementary school.

Doering noted during Tuesday’s meeting that among the feedback that was received after the announcement of the merger was that some “people really like the name ‘Rancho Viejo.’”

“So what we’ve looked at doing is to look at that entire complex, this whole area (Rancho Viejo and Salida del Sol Elementary Schools), being the ‘Rancho Viejo Complex,’” she said.

The public hearing will take place at Crane's next monthly board meeting on September 10. Meetings usually take place at 5 p.m.

For information on previous and future board meetings, agendas for Crane's meetings can be viewed at bit.ly/2KEE6C6.

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