San Luis police arrested a 30-year-old naked man who reportedly fled from officers and later had to be stunned after he began fighting with them Saturday.

According to the San Luis Police Department, at 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, officers responded to the Moctezuma Apartments complex, located in the 300 block of Juan Sanchez Boulevard, in regards to a male subject who was reportedly burglarizing a vehicle.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the suspect, who has been identified as Samuel Reyes, sitting inside a vehicle that he did not own. Officers gave commands to Reyes to put his hands up in the air and not to move. Reyes, however, refused to comply and got out of the vehicle.

Once he was out of the vehicle, Reyes allegedly fled from officers and a foot pursuit ensued. Officers chased Reyes, who was not wearing any clothing, across the apartment complex grounds.

Officers were able to catch up to Reyes as he attempted to jump over a wall. When officers attempted to take Reyes into custody, he reportedly began to fight with them. Officers had to deploy an electronic stun device to incapacitate Reyes in order to place him into handcuffs.

“(Reyes) was completely nude when officers found him in the vehicle,” said Andrea Moreno, San Luis Police Department administrator. “He began to fight with officers and they had to use a Taser to take him into custody.”

Reyes was booked into the Yuma County Detention Center on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, residential burglary, possession of stolen property and trafficking in stolen property.

During the course of the investigation by officers, it was found that Samuel had also allegedly burglarized two apartments. It was also learned that he is a deported felon who at the time was illegally in the United States.

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