During the week of Oct. 4-10, the Yuma Fire Department responded to 284 emergency calls for service, including:

• 8 General Fire Responses

Including: A tree on fire and various alarms.

• 3 Mutual Aid

Including: Assisted Rural/Metro with 2 medical emergencies in the county, and assisted Imperial County with a medical emergency in the Winterhaven area.

• 22 Motor Vehicle Crashes

Including: 3 involving motorcycles, 1 involving a rollover, 1 head-on crash, and 1 involving a YCAT bus.

• 222 Other Medical Emergencies (serious to minor)

Including: 34 for difficulty breathing, 10 for chest pain, 32 for falls, 10 for unconscious people, 11 seizure cases, 4 possible stroke cases, 4 for intoxicated persons, 4 for a person under the influence of drugs, 2 for drug overdoses (1 fatality), 17 for people with psychiatric problems, 2 for dehydration, 3 for medical alarms, 2 for allergic reactions, 1 for choking, 15 for altered or decreased level of consciousness, 2 for broken bones, 2 for diabetic emergencies, 3 for dog bites, 1 for a human bite, 7 for man down calls, 3 for bad headaches, 1 for a gunshot wound, 4 for assaults, 3 for back pain, 7 for abdominal pain, 1 pregnancy related, 1 for a deceased person, 1 for lacerations, 1 for a finger partially cut off while cutting meat, 1 for a child struck by a deer skull that fell off the wall, and other illnesses and injuries.

• 29 Special Duty, Public Assistance, and Residential Assignments

Including: 1 for a snake removal, 1 for a blown power transformer, 1 for low power lines, 1 for an illegal trash fire, 2 for EMS standbys at events, 2 for small brush fires (1 along I-8), 1 to assist YPD with the ladder truck to check a roof, 1 to assist YPD with removing a person from a canal who was running from them and jumped into the canal … but could not swim, and various alarms.


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