Between July 4th and July 11th, 2019 we had 2,184 calls for service that came into our dispatch center, which generated 209 police reports. Here is a list of some of the calls for service that we handled:

911 calls – 938

Alarm calls – 52

Assaults – 4

Burglaries – 29

Criminal damage – 12

Disorderly conduct/Disturbances – 65

Domestic disturbances – 45

Fraud – 19

Noise disturbance – 31

Reckless driver – 24

Runaway juveniles/Offense – 5

Sex Offenses – 3

Shoplifts/Thefts – 56

Shots fired – 6

Stolen vehicles – 12

Suspicious subject/Incident/Vehicle – 122

Traffic accidents – 35

Trespass – 26

Our Animal Control Unit responded to 144 calls for service and our officers made 254 traffic stops, issuing over 92 citations.

On July 4th between 7:54 p.m. to 11:25 p.m., there were 40 calls in reference to fireworks.

Here is a sample of our calls:

There really wasn’t anything this past week that I could have fun with, and believe me, I tried. So I’m just going to give you some of what we had to deal with this week.

Domestics are up. We had kids hitting parents, siblings hitting siblings and significant others hitting significant others. We had a woman arrested for child abuse, a man arrested for pushing his girlfriend into a wall, a boyfriend secretly recording his girlfriend in a room that should be private. We had reports of hair pulling, slapping and threats of bodily harm and choking. We also had one guy who pointed a gun at his girlfriend. Some of this happened in front of young kids.

We had a guy who set several small fires in the downtown area. He threatened officers with a knife and told them to shoot him. He eventually dropped the knife and was taken into custody after a struggle. Both the suspect and an officer received minor injuries.

We had an officer get waived down for a medical emergency. A woman had stopped breathing and the officer started CPR and continued until rescue arrived. A pulse was found and the woman was taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center.

We had an arson, an armed robbery, several DUI’s and lots of accidents. There were kids shoplifting alcohol and cell phones and adults shoplifting scotch tape and dog toys.

A driver was stopped for a headlight being burned out and the officer noticed three kids in the backseat not in child safety seats. The officer was accused of profiling and the driver started recording the incident. The driver was cited for the child seat violation and he told the officer that he will just get it dropped like last time. Glad to see the officer cared about the children’s safety.

And finally, we had a guy who was kicked out of a bar. He stripped down to his boxers while cussing everyone out. He did what may have looked like the runway walk to another bar and continued his colorful language until we showed up and got him some jammies to cover him up.

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