Between June 11-17, had 1,943 calls for service that came into our dispatch center, which generated 166 police reports. Here is a list of some of the calls for service that we handled:

• 911 calls – 985

• Alarm calls – 37

• Assaults – 11

• Assist Public – 29

• Burglaries – 23

• Criminal damage – 6

• Disorderly conduct/Disturbances – 54

• Domestic disturbances – 39

• Fraud – 1

• Noise disturbance – 18

• Overdose – 6

• Reckless driver – 18

• Runaway juveniles/Offense – 5

• Sex Offenses – 4

• Shoplifts/Thefts – 31

• Shots fired – 8

• Stolen vehicle – 6

• Suspicious subject/Incident/Vehicle – 105

• Traffic accident – 49

• Trespass – 25

• Welfare Check – 63

Our Animal Control Unit responded to 122 calls for service and our officers made 181 traffic stops, issuing 85 citations. Six of these traffic stops required a report and may have resulted in additional citation issues.


Now, let’s see what shenanigans happened around town……

This guy, let’s call him Vern, went on the joyride that would have impressed Bo and Luke Duke. Vern had a few alcoholic beverages and sped on a pretty curvy road. There may have been a “Yeee Haaa” somewhere in there. Well, Vern failed to go left or right when he got to the traffic control device and shot straight through the guardrail, maybe whistling Dixie, and came to rest several feet below, after rolling and landing upside down. To everyone’s surprise, Vern got out of the vehicle and was standing. Vern was arrested and is now wearing the orange jammies. No daisy dukes for this guy. In all seriousness, this incident could have ended tragically and a family could have lost a loved one. Looking at the condition of the vehicle, it is amazing that the driver was able to walk away. Please folks, drink responsibly!

We may need a special place with “time out” chairs for these misguided Miliminals, I mean criminals.

Let’s look at these four, let’s call them Wayne, Dwayne, Darrell and the other brother Daryl. These four decided to wreak havoc in a school one night. These four fourteen year olds busted windows, destroyed electronic items and emptied fire extinguishers to just name a few. On top of that, they also stole items. Within 48 hours all four of the little wayward children were identified and interviewed. For three of them charges were forwarded to the County Attorney, but one was jammied up and flip flopped.

Oh these weren’t the only kids that lost their minds in the last few weeks. There was a 12 year old, let’s call him Ole, who burglarized a vehicle and took a debit card. Well, he didn’t remember which car he took it from, as he burglarized several cars. Ole, as kids do, placed an online order for stuff kids his age like to the tune of a few hundred dollars. Ole was caught and between video and physical evidence on scene, the deal was sealed. Ole is facing several felony charges.

This 17 year old young lady, let’s call her Erma, pulled onto a main street at night with no headlights on. The officer flashed their headlights at Erma to let her know her lights were not on, but the hint was not taken. The officer pulled Erma over and when the officer was walking up to greet her, the distinctive smell of marijuana crept into the night air. That wasn’t Erma’s only issue, she was also driving without a license. Erma received a hefty citation and was turned over to mom.

And lastly, we have this young man, let’s call him Trent. Trent’s lead foot got him pulled over, which then led to the smell of marijuana when the officer greeted him. The smell of marijuana led to the officer noticing that his bloodshot eyes looked like a Rand McNally old fashioned road map. These eyes and other actions led to the failed field sobriety test, which led to the refusal of testing which resulted in his license being suspended for at least a year. Oh, and his buddy, who was wearing the eau de marijuana, is also facing charges.


A huge “thank you” to our Yuma Community!! We have received so much support through phone calls, social media and people stopping by, in person to thank the Yuma Police Department for what we do. We have received cakes, cookies, sandwiches, snacks, pizza, sandwiches and lots of prayers from businesses and people from our community. We’ve also received facemasks, hand sanitizers, cleaning products and much more. We have blue ribbons around our trees and signs saying “thank you” by our building. We are so lucky to work in a community that truly cares. Please know we are monitoring all incidents occurring throughout the country and we strive every day to provide every member and guest in Yuma with the most professional police service possible. We understand there is always room for improvement and the Yuma Police Department is continually looking at our policies, practices, and procedures to ensure we are staying contemporary and providing the level of service our citizens deserve.


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