Between June 18-24, we had 1,855 calls for service that came into our dispatch center, which generated 157 police reports. Here is a list of some of the calls for service that we handled:

• 911 calls – 1021

• Alarm calls – 23

• Assaults – 12

• Assist public – 38

• Burglaries – 12

• Criminal damage – 7

• Disorderly conduct/Disturbances – 62

• Domestic disturbances – 45

• Fraud – 6

• Noise disturbance – 24

• Overdose – 2

• Reckless driver – 28

• Runaway juveniles/Offense – 3

• Sex offenses – 5

• Shoplifts/Thefts – 23

• Shots fired – 17

• Stolen vehicle – 3

• Suspicious subject/Incident/Vehicle – 73

• Traffic accident – 52

• Trespass – 30

• Welfare check – 65

Our Animal Control Unit responded to 125 calls for service and our officers made 117 traffic stops, issuing 33 citations. Four of these traffic stops required a report and may have resulted in additional citation issues.


Now, let’s see what shenanigans happened around town……

Let’s start with a mother-daughter shopping spree. I don’t suggest shoplifting as a bonding mechanism, but that’s just my advice. These two, let’s call them Robyn and Elizabeth, went shopping together at a local department store. Maybe mom thought she had some skills to teach her daughter, but that turned into an epic fail. Mom was caught failing to scan over $200.00 worth of items. These were not necessities of life either, they were “I want” items. Offering to pay will not get you out of a shoplifting charge either. No jammies this time, but I sure hope they make their court date.


These two, let’s call them Chip and Dale, were out driving when out of nowhere a properly parked car jumped in front of them and hit them. Not to be deterred from their joy ride, they just kept going. Witnesses called us and gave great descriptions of the vehicle. Then, out of nowhere they just stopped and decided to leave the car parked on the side of the road and went for a run. Witnesses also told us about that and described Chip and Dale to the officer. The officer decided to play tag with them and as Chip and Dale were jumping a wall, Chip got tagged and then there was one. But not for long because when Dale landed on the other side of the wall, he was met by another officer. After a short jaunt, Dale decided he needed water and asked for some. The officer gladly gave it to him. Long story short, Dale had a suspended license, the car didn’t belong to either of them (they were supposed to be fixing it for a friend), and someone named “Not Mine” was the owner of the drug paraphernalia in the car. It was a wonderful day to wear orange jammies.


Now let’s talk about Hank. We had a report that Hank was standing in the roadway blocking traffic. When the officer arrived in the area, the officer noticed Hank walking on the side of the road and then cross the street. Hank stopped short of the curb and decided to relieve himself. When the officer got to Hank, he had finished what he was doing and zipping back up. As Hank turned around and saw the officer, he said he was just adjusting himself. Now liquid in Yuma evaporates pretty quickly in the summer months, but not that quick. Let’s just say Hank was caught red handed or faced, and taken into custody. Hank was processed and given his jammies for the night.


Another busy week with the president in town and COVID-19 still on the rise. First off, a huge “thank you” to the Yuma community for keeping things peaceful. We do prepare for the worst and are so glad when things remain calm. We also had another week of our community showing us amazing support. We received gift bags, snacks that officers could just grab quickly, some amazing cookies, cupcakes and other treats and some heartfelt notes and cards. My favorite part is getting to greet the community members who bring the gifts. We are so lucky here. We hope everyone has a great weekend and please stay safe!


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