Yuma has been named Arizona’s “Most Patriotic City” by an insurance website, for having the highest percentage of active military and veteran residents. 

Kacie Saxer-Taulbee, spokesperson for Insurify, said the company’s research of its 1.6 million-user database found 11% of the city of Yuma’s population are current or former service members from one of the branches of the military. 

“This places the city within the top 20 on the national winners’ list for military service,” she said, with comparable percentages found in Honolulu and Ozark, Ala. Looking just at Arizona, Prescott is the city that comes closest to meeting the bar set by Yuma. 

Insurify, which lets users comparison-shop for car insurance quotes, used its database of 1.6 million applicants and U.S. Census data to come up with the statistics. 

Nationwide, there are more than 1 million active duty and 800,000 reservists, plus another 18 million veterans, Insurify said. 

Saxer-Taulbee said the company has published other surveys looking at green cities and safe cities, among other topics, as recognition of those communities that are working to provide services to their residents and meet their specific concerns. 

“Cities with large military populations are serving the unique needs of service members, their families, and veterans,” she said. “Providing a home that military personnel not only reside within but one in which they can find pride takes dedication. Yuma’s service members should be proud, as should Yuma itself.” 

With Marine Corps Air Station Yuma next to the city’s airport and Yuma Proving Ground 40 miles to the northeast, it’s not surprising that the area has many people connected to the military. 

According to the Arizona Coalition for Military Families’ website, Yuma County is home to 4,388 active duty military members, 141 National Guardsmen and 16,275 veterans, out of a total of 195,751 residents (according to the 2010 census).

That comes out to 10.6%, mirroring Insurify’s figures for the city of Yuma.

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