A pair of Yuma police officers are hitting the road with new rides since the Yuma Police Department recently used grant money to purchase two brand new 2015  Harley Davidson motorcycles.

According to Sgt. Eric Egan, the two new police edition motorcycles, which each cost $28,000, will be used as regular traffic patrol motorcycles and for selective traffic enforcement details and DUI details.

Egan said the money to buy the motorcycles was provided through the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS). While the grant covered the cost of the lights and sirens on each of the motorcycles, Egan said the city paid for the decals, radar units, and communication systems, which cost about $7,000 total for both.

The police department also purchased a 2015 police edition Victory motorcycle using the grant money, but it has not been delivered yet.

Sleek, black and white, and a bit futuristic, the new Harleys don’t sport the same blue and white markings that the motorcycles currently in the police department’s fleet do.

“This is the first time Yuma police motorcycles have had a black and white color scheme. It looks very sharp,” Egan said. “It is a traditional look for police cars. Our new cars are black and white, so it only makes sense to go with it on the bikes as well.”

Several motorcycle officers were putting the two new bikes through their paces Thursday morning at the Public Safety Training Center, located at 3575 S. Ave 4E, taking tight turns through a course of street cones, riding and maneuvering in tight formations, and doing other agility exercises.

“Basically it is the same motorcycle we have always had, but there are a few new features,” Egan said.

Officer Chris Offutt, who has been riding one of the new motorcycles since they were put into service last Wednesday, called them the best bikes the department has had while he has been a motorcycle officer.

“I like it a lot,” Offutt said.  “They ride differently. They turn better and are more comfortable.”

Offutt likes them so much he said he has already bought his own 2015 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Egan said the two new bikes replaced two 2011 motorcycles that had the highest mileage. Those motorcycles, he added, will now be used for training.

Although the new motorcycles have only been out on the street for a little over a week, Egan said the officers riding them have been getting some positive comments about the way they look from people in the community.

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