I am angry and confused over the actions of some of our citizens, and politicians, of this great country of “United States,” called “America.” What is going on? What happened?

What went wrong? Where did it start? At home? In school? By the rich? By the poor? By citizens, or non citizens? Maybe, just maybe, it could be the lack of faith in the Lord. Or the lack of knowledge about the Lord. What happened to patriotism or respect for our flag? When the early settlers moved west seeking better land to farm and more opportunities for a better life, one of the first things they did was build their church. Today? Churches are being burnt down. Today the “American Dream” is coming under attack by some for the “Socialist Dream.” Some of the Democrats seeking to be our next president opened their statements in Spanish as if they were running for office in Mexico City. THIS IS AMERICA... We have an unemployed, anti-American, terribly inept ex-football quarterback who refuses to stand for the National Anthem, who wears socks depicting pigs dressed as police, who obviously is the new CEO for an anti-American shoe company, with no fortitude to stand up to this anti American, by removing a line of sneakers depicting the early Betsy Ross American flag, because of their greed, for the almighty dollar.

We have an American athlete wearing the uniform of the USA, representing the USA, in a “world” competition sport, refusing to stand for our National Anthem on the “world” stage. We have mobs of masked anti-Americans beating people and burning the American Flag with the blessings of that city’s mayor. If you have the urge to burn my flag, flying in my front yard, I’ll help you pack. It seems there is an American policeman or policewoman killed every week, somewhere in America. From what I see happening, there is obviously only one culprit to blame for all of this pile of Bull Droppings, and this is President Trump... We need to do away with ICE and the Border Patrol and open the gates on our borders. NOT!! God help us....poo-leese.

Fred Richard


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