While the majority of those running for office are telling us the voters that we need a universal health care plan, where all are covered by health insurance, it causes me to reflect upon America’s fast food industry, which far too many Americans have become addicted to.

We’ve seen the latest ads where we are not just being offered a hamburger, but those which are double and triple in size, many now containing French fries and onion rings.

What we ought to be bothered by is seeing as to how the majority of young people in this country have diets which consist of these foods I mention. Not just once a day but rather two or three times daily. It’s foods such as these which have over 50 million Americans overweight and coming down with diabetes.

Imagine all Americans having to pick up the health care bills for those who choose to live by such standards.

With this in mind, is it right that people who do watch what they consume have to cover the cost of medical bills for those who do not care?

These companies I speak of have come up with a clever way of drawing people in from the time they can barely walk by offering the little toys for children.

I’ve seen people walking by some of these places carrying their children who are well aware of the franchise they are passing. Suddenly they will let out a scream and point toward those toy display units.

Though some of you may laugh at this, I would bet that you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s called mass marketing and it works.

In a dream I had one evening, I imagined a civil war having broken out, one in which all Americans were involved. It was my imaging them trying to bend down to pick up their rifles which caused me to begin laughing hysterically and to wake up from my dream.

It’s my thought that we ought to be a lot more concerned over how one chooses to eat today, rather than expecting the other half of our nation to see that our medical costs are covered.

Jimmy Luhm


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