There’s a reason a newspaper is oftentimes called a daily miracle. It takes a big team to pull it all together. 

Oftentimes, many people outside of our office know the reporter, or the advertising representatives or the publisher.

But the majority of our team works behind the scenes, and rarely are they recognized for it.

Take, for example, the copy editors, who, in addition to editing our stories, also design pages, write headlines and post content to

We also have a team of graphic designers in advertising, who work diligently to design ads, build special sections, and work on Internet projects.

Fortunately, we have the Arizona Newspaper Association awards, which recognize the hard work of the reporters, photographers, designers and copy editors.

And this year, we were honored to win first place in General Excellence in both the advertising and editorial divisions.

Those awards are a testament not only to the hard work of those two teams, but also to the associates who support them and contribute to our operation. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

Our accounting team keeps our finances in a row, and helps with a variety of other issues. Our pressroom and mailroom crews focus on quality printing, working through the night and into the early morning hours to make sure the paper gets out the door. And we can’t forget our circulation team, which handles all of our delivery and customer service needs.

Every single person in the Yuma Sun building wears a variety of hats, and we deeply appreciate the work of each and every one of them – they are critical to keeping us going, each and every day.

It’s truly a daunting task. But it’s one we take pride in each day, and we’re delighted to be honored with the General Excellence awards. To our associates, thanks for all your hard work.

And readers, as always, thanks for reading!

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