The current rash of smash-and-grab incidents – mainly in California – is very troubling. In these crimes, large groups of people storm into a store, snatch up as many items as quickly as they can, then flee into waiting vehicles.

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A while back, I wrote about the usage of Indigenous folklore in “Antlers” (2021). I wasn’t the happiest with it so I mentioned that “Smoke Signals” (1998) was a good starting point for those interested in more Indigenous representation, but I’m happy to share now that I’ve learned of a new f…

Thanks-giving always is a time for reflection. While enjoying my holiday feast during a quiet evening at home yesterday, I was reminded how lucky I am to have such a caring and loving family.

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Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day that many across the nation set aside to mourn the transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people whose lives were lost to hate-fueled violence.

I recently saw a post on Instagram of a kid, maybe 11 or 12, complain-ing about the concept of homework. He basically said that schoolwork should be confined to the seven or so hours that students are in class because when he gets home, it’s time to “chill.”

A recent Letter to the Editor addressed the seemingly ongoing, non-stop plethora of television advertisements for Medicare supplemental programs.

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It’s been nine years since I first heard Taylor Swift’s “Red.” Back then, I was almost 16 with no concept of the future. The thought of high school ending was terrifying. I didn’t know what I wanted from life, but a Taylor Swift album was always momentous.

I recently finished the last of the green corn tamales I had in my freezer. As I was about to discard the plastic storage bag they had been in, I noticed that it was in pretty good shape. I wondered whether I could reuse it, something I had never done.

An Instagram-TikTok star recently received backlash after posting photos of herself modeling next to her dead father’s open casket. When I heard about the story, I thought perhaps she was just standing solemnly by the coffin. But that was not the case. The 20-year-old influencer was in full …

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If you’ve ever been made to feel hideous or hated at any point in your life, you may be able to relate a bit with the vilified “Other” in horror so let’s talk about the marginalized perspective.

As many of you also have probably done, I have watched the video of a customer thwarting an attempted armed robbery at a Foothills convenience store last week. I watched it with two of my colleagues at work and what immediately struck us was how slight the guy brandishing the gun looked. The…

There is nothing more fun than having a major water leak in the bathroom and having it drench every room in the house, which is what happened to me Tuesday.

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So in my previous takes, I discussed some aspects that make the horror genre compelling. Today I’d like to bring up another: trauma.

One of my favorite memes is “Stop buying shredded cheese. Make America grate again!” (My absolute favorite is “I was kidnapped by mimes. They did unspeakable things to me!”)

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Continu-ing my discussion last week of horror films and their potential value, I’d like to offer another word that I find useful in the study of horror: abjection.

On one of my favorite blogs, someone this week posted a recent photo of a middle-aged actor who was quite the heartthrob in his youth. In the pic, the actor shows natural signs of aging, but he also has gained a lot of weight. The person who posted the pic included a snarky, mean-spirited re…

A friend recently texted me in disbelief. He was looking into buying a cemetery plot for himself and was surprised when he was told that he could be buried in the same plot as a family member. “Are they really stacking coffins?” he asked incredulously.

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A news story that’s always stayed with me is the account of a mother who was horrified to learn that her son had been heavily involved with neo-Nazi online groups. She faced a quandary over how to punish her son but not estrange him.

I decided to go through my giant storage chest this week and see what was worth keeping. In addition to finding old newspaper clippings, photos and other mementos, I came across something I wasn’t expecting: my lifetime immunization record documented in a little blue and gold folder provided…

I will never forget the moment the Tucson Citizen newspaper staff realized that the events of Sept. 11, 2001, were a coordinated terrorist attack against our country and not a series of random accidents. Editors sprung into action, reporters raced to events or to get reaction from people on …

I recently had the privilege of doing a ride-along with Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Matt Felix as he patrolled the Colorado River between Hidden Shores and the Yuma County-La Paz County line.

About 15 years ago one of my co-workers in Tucson, who had just moved there from Kansas, said the beauty of the desert was lost on her because she wasn’t used to seeing “brown” mountains. I was insulted because, as a lifelong Arizonan, I have always been in awe of the Sonoran Desert’s majest…

Last week a reader sent in photos of crawfish she said she found in a local waterway. My co-worker, who is from the South, was skeptical. “Crawfish in Arizona? No way!”

Yuma County is currently installing speed cushions in my Foothills neighbor-hood.According to the City of Arlington, Va., government website, “speed cushions are rounded raised areas of asphalt or prefabricated rubber constructed across the roadway width. (They are) traffic calming devices i…

Have you seen the television commercial where a guy’s smartphone detected he’d been in a car crash and “prompted him to call emergency services.”

In 1970 (if I remember correctly) my dad paid $15,000 for our new four-bedroom, two-bath house in Tucson. At the time (according to an article on, the median home value of a home in the US was $17,000.

With Fourth of July just around the corner, “America’s Test Kitchen” this week released the results of its poll about which cheese viewers prefer for topping burgers. According to the answers posted on the TV show’s Instagram page, Cheddar was the winner, with 555 votes, followed by American…

I have a friend whose vehicle is experienc-ing all kinds of problems, so he is thinking of getting rid of it and buying a used car.

This scorching weather has me thinking a lot about my dad. He was a technician for the civil service and worked at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. His specialty was air-conditioner maintenance and repair.

We have reason to celebrate the progress we have made against COVID-19 in this country. The number of cases and deaths are down thanks to vigorous vaccination efforts, and our lives are slowly getting back to normal.

We have received a few letters to the editor about increased street racing in the area. According to an Associated Press article we ran last week, street racing is indeed a growing problem in some US cities.

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