Besides doing one’s civic duty, there are practical reasons to vote in the general election, in which the Yuma Union High School District and Gadsden Elementary School Districts are seeking approval of bonds to build or renovate school facilities.

If you want to get to know a Yuman, ask them about their pets. I’ve discovered through the years that Yuma has a very vocal population of people who are dedicated to their pets.

A broad cross-section of Arizona’s business community banded together last week to oppose efforts by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission to expand its jurisdiction to regulate the election activities of Arizona’s citizens and businesses. The coalition included chambers of commerce from a…

Several years ago, my family and I had visited Durango, Colo., just as the seasons changed from winter into the first glimpses of spring.

On Monday, June 8, in Washington, D.C., a group will stop and remember what we all would like to forget — but should never put out of our minds.

There are few things more frustrating in life than a slow Internet connection. That’s really a strange thing to consider, because not that long ago, it was a much slower process. Remember that weird modem noise in the 1980s and early '90s as the connection was established? It was loud and sl…

All around us we see people with cellphone in hand, be it the restaurant customer in the next booth, the driver in the rear-view mirror, the shopper in the store aisle, or the moviegoer who makes a call before the theater goes dark.

I’ve loved the treat of getting to meet people as they pass through Yuma on their bikes, heading toward some far-off destination, something that happens more often than you would think.

I frequently find myself singing TV theme songs from long-extinct programs. My brain seems to have a repository specifically for song lyrics, and I’m often surprised by what lurks in there.

I was talking to someone recently about historic family photos. She was in the process of downsizing, and noted that she had boxes of photos and no idea what to do with them all. Some were hers, but many she had inherited from her mother.

Every year, the Yuma Sun newsroom team spends some time going over the past year’s editions in search of the top 10 stories.

Girl Scout cookie sales are going digital, The New York Times reported Monday. I’ve gained six pounds just thinking of how many boxes I can sneak by my husband.

The school board in Montgomery County, Maryland, ignited a national debate earlier this month by voting to eliminate the names of Christian and Jewish religious holidays on the school calendar – while still planning to close schools on those days. 

I had a sudden realization recently when talking to close friends I met over 20 years ago. Somehow, when we weren’t paying attention, we morphed into adults, with the full array of issues to go along with it.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Leaves turning color, brisk chilly winds, more campfires in the desert (and in the backyard), marshmallow roasts, hayrides, pumpkins, hot chocolate, then Halloween ... what’s not to like?

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