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• Thumbs up to the Yuma Sector Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection, who continue to find and seize drugs throughout the sector. In four separate incidents alone, agents and officers seized over 200 pounds of methamphetamine at the Wellton checkpoint and the U.S. Port of Entry at …

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It’s not every day that we in the newsroom get a report of a bobcat sighting in the area. But that’s precisely what happened last week, when a gentleman from the Foothills reached out to us with a photo of his back porch visitor.

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When students graduate from high school, they are generally considered adults, ready to march off into the world armed with the skills they need to navigate through life on their own.

When it comes to enticing kids, fast food restaurants have it figured out. Free toys with the meals, play areas, kid-specific food options … these places have a direct pipeline to children mapped out.

• Thumbs up to the middle school students who competed in the MATHCOUNTS event last week at Arizona Western College. And a special congrats to Pablo Rascon, Hailey Chulamorkodt and Ron Watson Middle School for their victories!

The Super Bowl was a bit of a snoozer. The New England Patriots beat the L.A. Rams 13-3, but the game itself was slow-moving. However, what did you think of the ads?

The City of San Diego offers an interesting service. On the city’s website, residents can post complaints and concerns about issues around their neighborhoods. Categories include parking and vehicle-related issues, trash collection, recycling and graffiti; streets, sidewalks and lights; tree…

• Thumbs up to Yuma’s weather. We are thankful that the polar vortex’s icy fingers didn’t reach down to our fair city!

• Thumbs up to the community members here in Yuma who always step up to the plate and help fellow Yumans in need. It is always wonderful to hear the stories of support, whether it’s someone with a serious illness or filling in the gaps during a federal government shutdown. Thank you, Yuma, f…

On Wednesday’s Opinion Page, the Yuma Sun editorial board looked at the issue of psychedelic mushrooms, and the two related movements underway in Oregon and Denver. The Oregon movement would allow the use of psilocybin mushrooms for medical purposes, while the Denver initiative would decrimi…

In the last decade, we’ve seen a massive change in how America views marijuana. Once considered a problematic drug, several states have legalized it for recreational use, and several others have recognized the medicinal benefits, opening the door to treatments with medical marijuana.

Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered for taking a stand against racism, calling for equal rights for all. His actions were pivotal in bringing about legislation such as the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

• Thumbs up to the group of Arizona legislators who toured Yuma County this week with the Yuma Area Agricultural Council. It is helpful for legislators to come to Yuma County and see our agriculture community in action!

Back in our teenage years, the cars of our dreams were priced out of our reach. Today, we might be able to afford them, but for some models, it’s too late — the manufacturers long ago discontinued them.

When it comes to flu season, it’s nearly impossible to predict what might happen. Some years are mild, while others are unusually harsh. Sometimes, the flu vaccine is right on target, and other years, not so much.

In September of 2017, Apple announced its newest iPhones, which came with a new price tag. The iPhoneX started at $999 for a 64GB storage phone, or $1,149 for a 256GB model.

• Thumbs up to the National Audubon Society, which recently named six local areas along the Colorado River as IBAs (important bird areas). The designations are intended to help raise public awareness about the importance of water for natural habitats, officials said.

As we march into January, we head into a new legislative session at the state capitol, and the potential issues on the table are plentiful.

One of the best parts of my career at the Yuma Sun is the people I’ve met. I’ve had the fortune to work with several individuals who are more than co-workers — they are essentially family, and former Sun editor Terry Ross was one of those people.

Thumbs up to the San Luis Youth Council, which is launching a campaign to urge residents to recycle household waste and cut down on their use of plastic bags. The mission is a positive way to make a difference in San Luis. And it’s wonderful to see the city’s youths engaged at this level, de…

Bill Gates has an annual routine that might be worth trying. At the end of each year, he does a self-assessment, asking a few questions: “What was I excited about?” “What could I have done better?”

Keeping track of childhood vaccination schedules can be a challenge. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children are immunized against 14 preventable diseases, which requires a battery of vaccinations from birth to age 3.

• Thumbs up to Yuma drivers over the Christmas weekend. Not one driver was arrested for DUI during the patrol for intoxicated drivers — thanks for finding designated drivers, or staying off the roads!

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