I love the hope that comes with the dawning of a new year.

There’s something cathartic about bidding farewell to the previous year and welcoming a new one. It feels like a chance for a mental reset, a time to shed the past and embrace the openness of what lies ahead.

However, I’ve learned I’m hit and miss on my resolutions.

I try, and sometimes I succeed. In 2021, for example, my goal was to walk two miles a day, which I did right up until December hit.

And then, I failed miserably. I like to start my day with a walk, often right at sunrise. But in December, the sun takes its time coming up in the morning. And while my neighborhood is relatively safe, I’m not comfortable walking in the dark. So inevitably, my morning walk got pushed back later and later until eventually, one day it just stopped happening.

Fortunately, we’ve passed winter solstice, and with it, the shortest day of the year. So I’m renewing my efforts to walk each day. Maybe I can’t call it a resolution – but it is a habit I want to get back into.

In years past, I’ve also set a resolution to read 100 books in a year. I’ve come close, but I’ve never quite hit that goal. And now, it’s a goal I’ve set aside.

Instead, my focus is on reading for pleasure and not for work, whether that’s 10 books or 100. Too often, I find myself slipping down into rabbit holes doing research for work, be it an upcoming story or an editorial. In the process, I lose the time to read for enjoyment. In fact, it’s been a few months since I sunk my teeth into a delightful novel for the fun of it.

In 2022, that has to change.

Generally, resolutions should be measurable so one can be held accountable, which is why walking and reading goals work (Even if I don’t quite reach them!).

I’ve given up on resolutions that call for extreme cleaning or organizing. I was great about that in 2020, but now, I’d much rather be outside.

And ultimately, what I want to do in 2022 is spend time with my family, wherever that takes us. I can’t really call that a resolution, but perhaps more of a driving force. After all, time is fleeting, and in just a few short years, our teen will leave the nest. Making memories now is the top priority – and one at which I think we can excel.

As we enter a new year, readers, are you setting resolutions, goals or priorities? If so, what are they? Let us know. Send in a Letter to the Editor at letters@yumasun.com.


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