I recently happened to catch a segment about St. Valentine on the cable show “Mysteries at the Museum.”

It was very enlightening. I had no idea his story was so tragic.

According to the show and subsequent research on History.com, Valentine got into trouble with Emperor Claudius II in Rome. Contending that men were avoiding military service because they were too distracted by or attached to their wives and families, the emperor ordered a halt to weddings.

But Valentine, who was a priest, defied the emperor’s edict and continued performing weddings. Incensed, the emperor ordered Valentine arrested, imprisoned and eventually beheaded on Feb. 14, 270 A.D.

As to why cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day, History.com notes that “Legend also has it that while in jail, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer’s daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it “From Your Valentine.”

And on that uplifting note, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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