Earlier this week, I was in South Carolina visiting family for a few days, and whoa … hello, humidity. I had forgotten that concept of “so damp nothing ever dries,” but with that humidity came some awesome outdoor perks.

I saw more toads and frogs free-ranging around than I ever thought possible. And everywhere we went, we were surrounded by lush green vegetation. There were lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers all over the place. Water everywhere — it was amazing.

Was everyone sticky? Yes. But it was worth it.

Then I came back to Yuma, and it was clear someone had turned on the blast furnace. It wasn’t bad when I left, but whoa buddy. We came home to a Yuma summer.

South Carolina and Yuma have one thing in common: air conditioning. And thank goodness. With air conditioning, one gets a break from the weather. And whether its humidity, heat or both, a break is certainly a necessity!

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