Should toy guns have a place in today’s society?

I played “cops and robbers” as a child with my mom’s Roy Rogers pistols. It was pretend. I knew real guns killed from an early age, as I grew up on a farm. Shooting coyotes harassing cattle was common, as was eating fresh game. Guns were a respected tool; in an emergency, a weapon for self-protection. After my dad died, a gun sat next to the front door.

Yet many of today’s kids have no concept of that reality. Most of what they learn of guns is from the news. Heath. Columbine. Newtown. FSU.

Toy guns today are eerily realistic. How do you explain the difference between a toy and the real deal?

If I still lived in the country, I’d probably be OK with my child playing with a toy gun. In the city? I’m not so sure.

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