All around us we see people with cellphone in hand, be it the restaurant customer in the next booth, the driver in the rear-view mirror, the shopper in the store aisle, or the moviegoer who makes a call before the theater goes dark.

We’re so used to associating cellphones with the hustle and bustle of modern life, it might be easy to forget cellphones have uses for outdoor recreationists who like to get away in the wilds.

As the Yuma Sun reported last week, a hiker stranded in Kofas used his cellphone to help a Marine helicopter find him.

Conversely, while hiking in the desert not long ago, I ran into an off-road enthusiast from out of town who was lost. The off-roader didn’t have a cellphone, but I did. But then the off-roader didn’t know who to call for help. 

The lesson is, don’t leave a cellphone at home even when getting away from everyone and everything.

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