The cold snap we are experiencing is chilling the bones of lifetime desert rats like me.

I have on three layers of clothing, including a hoodie to warm my little ears.

I have my heater cranked up at home and in my truck.

I keep my fleece-lined bomber jacket on at work.

People who are used to cold climates must think I’m a wimp.

I went to Fry’s in the Foothills and I saw a man pushing 80 years old who was in shorts!

Another woman was driving on Fortuna with her convertible’s roof down.

And on the drive to work yesterday I saw a young guy in a tank top walking down Arizona Avenue as if we were in the middle of summer.

These people are tough. But I wonder if they become the wimps in the Yuma summer.

Wimp or not, I’m keeping my flannel and fleece handy.

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