You’ve all seen the bat video. Please believe me when I tell you an old Youtube video of a woman in Pulau (not China) eating a bat has nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak.

It irks me when an epidemic like this occurs and all of a sudden people with no knowledge of the facts suddenly become experts on how to avoid catching it and how to cure it. I’m no doctor but I’m pretty certain drinking industrial bleach as a cure is not a good idea, as some internet quacks have suggested. Wrapping yourself in myriad mylar and useless masks is not likely to prevent you from catching it either. People wear masks. People still catch the virus. Unavoidable.

As real doctors have stated, you are infinitely more likely to die of a common strain of influenza then to ever come in contact with anybody with the coronavirus, so you can relax.

Relax with a Corona in fact, as the virus has nothing to do with the beer either.

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