Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Leaves turning color, brisk chilly winds, more campfires in the desert (and in the backyard), marshmallow roasts, hayrides, pumpkins, hot chocolate, then Halloween ... what’s not to like?

Of course, here in Yuma, fall is pretty much wrapped up in a week or two, as our temperatures continue to cool. Then the nice balmy days of “winter” set in. And one could argue that there aren’t many trees dropping leaves here. Well, a Kentucky girl can wish, can’t she?

One thing I do miss is raking leaves. Because you know what kids do with leaf piles after they’ve raked them up as high as possible. Oh, the abandon of jumping into a pile and knowing there would be a soft landing; getting buried by the cousin and “resurrecting” as a mummy!

What do you enjoy about fall? It’s a great season of the year.

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