Hello from the family farm in South Dakota, where the temperature is — as the locals say — 12 degrees ABOVE.

They say you can’t go home. Things change. Home is different, not as you remember, even from your last visit.

I’m thankful for this.

We are all changing. Hopefully, we are all evolving and getting a little better (and smarter). Who would want to be the same year after year?

When I come back to the farm, there’s always differences — some good, some bad. But what’s the same is the most important. This is where my dear parents live. They are what matter, not the details of the physical stuff that’s come and gone.

Sure, we’re all a bit older, but that’s just a surface change. Personality, heart and inner vision remain the same.

This trip reminds me that we can home. It reminds me that we definitely should go home.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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