A news ditty about a sleepwalking camper walking over a cliff has people chuckling - but not me.

Thankfully that man was not injured, and neither have I been from my nocturnal wanderings, although I tend to stay inside my apartment (or tent, as it were).

I'm not really a sleepwalker as much as I am...drum roll please...a sleep cleaner. Friends who know how messy I am laugh at this fact, but it's true.

Every so often, I wake up and my room is far cleaner than it was at bedtime. My books and magazines are stacked, my clothes all in neat piles. Also present are faint memories of my late-night scramble to get everything in order before - depending on the particular dream - the inspectors or visiting family members arrived.

This amounts to a quirky problem, but oh well. It's cheaper than hiring a full-time maid.

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